Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

Hi everyone! :)

Today I have a review on the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in colors Black Bean and Milk.  I got these from Ulta for $4.50 each.

Black Bean Eye Pencil

This is a simple matte black color.  
The second swatch is where I blended out the color with my finger.  It's great for building up a smoky black color.  

Milk Eye Pencil

This is a matte white color that's great for highlight the inner corners of your eyelids.  

Putting it on: It's very creamy and glides on your skin easily.  

How long it lasts: It depends.  If you put it on top of your eyeliner and smoke it out, it should last as long as your eyeliner does.  This eye pencil is NOT reliable for long-lasting everyday use so if you just use it as a regular eyeliner, it WILL smudge, crease, and transfer to your lower eyelids.  

WARNING: These pencils are not retractable and cannot be sharpened (inconvenient, right?). You will need to depot the pencil into a separate container and there are tons of Youtube tutorials on how to do this and they all take less than five minutes.   

Although these are not waterproof or long-lasting, they smear very easily and can double as an eyeshadow pencil.  NYX has a great range of colors for their Jumbo Eye Pencils and you can check them out here!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stila Eyeliner Set Review

Hi everyone! :)

Today I have a review on the Seeing Stars Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner Set from Sephora.  I bought this around the holidays for about $30.  They feature five subtle shimmery metallic colors.

Staying Power: I was frankly really impressed with how long they stayed on.  It stays on for about 12 hours before it slightly fades away.  It really is smudge-free and it never transferred to my lower eyelid.  Although some people complain of a waxy substance sticking to their contacts after using this liner, I never had that problem.

Texture: It is so unbelievably smooth and creamy to the point it has become a problem for me.  If I apply even a little bit of pressure, it breaks off and I end up wasting a bit of the product.  It applies best for me if you twist up the product so that it's barely above the opening (see picture below)


*all shades are of a shimmery metallic tone*


Sheer black color.  You will need to apply two or three coats to get a dark black color.


Pearly purple color.  Up close you can tell it's purple but it appears a bit brownish when you're far away.  


Subtle olive green color.  Olive green may not be the most attractive color, but this one is really gentle and quiet.  Again, the color looks a bit brownish from far away, especially after applying several coats.

Oscar Fish

Soft, light brown color.  This color is great for lining the upper lid for a light, natural pop to your eyes.


Beautiful light pearly pink color.  It's great for lining your lower lashline to highlight the inner corners.  It's not as bright and pearly as the picture when you apply it to your eyes.  

Warning: Because it is SUPER creamy, the liner breaks off really easily like warm butter.  Also, the twisting device only pushes it up.  It doesn't retract the liner. Keep that in mind before twisting the liner up several inches because you won't be able to put it back in.  

Check it out here

Have a great day everyone :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter


Today I have reviews on the oh-so-highly talked about Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in the colors Peach Parfait and Sweet Tart. (inspired by Jen from - one of my favorite Youtube beauty gurus :)

Peach Parfait

After hearing so many great things about this drugstore lipstick color, I decided to give it a go.  I bought mine for about $8 at CVS.

Color: A beautiful coral/shimmery/peachy orange color.  It's a great neutral color that goes well with almost every look.  A great everyday lipstick.  Highly pigmented so you only have to apply once.

Texture: It definitely feels hydrating and soothing when you first put it on.  It is also really creamy, "buttery", lightweight, and glides on lips smoothly.

Staying Power:  I put it on around 8 AM and it was gone around 12 PM after I ate lunch.  Not the best long lasting lipstick.

Final Thoughts: It's a very good drugstore lipstick.  It's hydrating and highly pigmented, but doesn't last long.

Sweet Tart:

Color: This is such a cute, fun, spring/summery color.  It is not too bright and not too dark.  It is a very like-able and easily wearable pink that's perfect for a warm sunny day.

Texture, Staying Power - same as above

Side Note: Taking the cap off for these Lip Butters is a bit tricky.  Make sure you have the lipstick tucked in or the cap might mess up the lipstick when you take it off.

Have a beautiful day everyone :)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Estée Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

I ran into this product a couple years ago when my sister left some of her makeup products at home.  My my.  I have been in love ever since.  Out of the many eye makeup remover I have used, this has got to be THE best one.  I have really sensitive eyes which means oily removers bring me huge discomfort.  Although it is a bit high-end, it is completely worth it.

Applying: It is extremely light.  It feels like I'm washing my eyes with water and there's hardly any irritation.  Even if a little product get in my eyes, it feels like nothing.  There's absolutely no oily substance left over leaving no residue.

Effectiveness: It gets off almost all my eye makeup off with ease.  Dab some on a cotton ball, gently rub it over your eyelids, clean up the excess with q-tips, and you're done.

Final Thoughts: I highly recommend this product to anyone with sensitive eyes.  Although it is priced at $18, this is a splurge I will be willing to spend.  It is highly effective and non-greasy making every penny worth it.

Friday, March 1, 2013

CLIO Gelpresso Eyeliner Review

Hi Everyone!

Today I have a review of the CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner in Golden Black.  It is a Korean eyeliner so it is difficult to find in regular US beauty stores; however, you can order them at some online stores that sell Korean cosmetic products.

Color: Matte black with subtle hints of gold and silver glitter - gives a nice tone-downed sparkle to the black color.

Applying: I have to say that it applies pretty well.  It is not too smooth so you do have to draw back and forth to get the right amount.

How long it lasts: I put the eyeliner on in the morning around 9 AM and by 4 PM it started smudging and transferred to my lower lash line making me look like I had raccoon eyes.

Taking it off: Very Difficult.  I use my amazing Estee Lauder Eye Makeup Remover which removes almost every eye makeup I use without difficulty.  However, the Gelpresso Eyeliner would not come off with the remover and it almost looked like the eyeliner stained my eyelids.  I used twice as much remover than I usually do, which made me want to not use the eyeliner again.

Final Thoughts: It is not a go-to product for me.  The fact that it smudges after a while and is extremely difficult to get off are big turnoffs for me especially because I am an avid fan for long-lasting eyeliner.  Recommended for short-term wear (dinner dates, going shopping, watching movies, etc...)