Monday, March 4, 2013

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter


Today I have reviews on the oh-so-highly talked about Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in the colors Peach Parfait and Sweet Tart. (inspired by Jen from - one of my favorite Youtube beauty gurus :)

Peach Parfait

After hearing so many great things about this drugstore lipstick color, I decided to give it a go.  I bought mine for about $8 at CVS.

Color: A beautiful coral/shimmery/peachy orange color.  It's a great neutral color that goes well with almost every look.  A great everyday lipstick.  Highly pigmented so you only have to apply once.

Texture: It definitely feels hydrating and soothing when you first put it on.  It is also really creamy, "buttery", lightweight, and glides on lips smoothly.

Staying Power:  I put it on around 8 AM and it was gone around 12 PM after I ate lunch.  Not the best long lasting lipstick.

Final Thoughts: It's a very good drugstore lipstick.  It's hydrating and highly pigmented, but doesn't last long.

Sweet Tart:

Color: This is such a cute, fun, spring/summery color.  It is not too bright and not too dark.  It is a very like-able and easily wearable pink that's perfect for a warm sunny day.

Texture, Staying Power - same as above

Side Note: Taking the cap off for these Lip Butters is a bit tricky.  Make sure you have the lipstick tucked in or the cap might mess up the lipstick when you take it off.

Have a beautiful day everyone :)


  1. nice review! :) i think i'll go pick up the peach parfait one

  2. Hi! First thank's for your comment on my blog, it made my day really!
    I really like your review, I'm a lipstick fan ... and I feel like buying the "Sweet Tart" one now :)

  3. thanks for visiting and you're welcome! :)
    it's a really nice spring color :D

  4. Hi, thanks for sharing :) Sweet tart is so pretty and looks so moisturising!